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at the watering hole

A most unnecessarily complicated trail race and a fundraiser in support of an enduring Maine tradition,

Public Access to Private Lands

9:00 am

shadow of the pony23.png

START - 44.88765ºN, 68.67522ºW

FINISH - 44.89151ºN, 68.68417ºW

The Course

The waypoints will be somewhere within the shadow.  Registered racers get access to a zoomable map and update alerts.

TUCARD has no defined course.  Just a start, an end, and some waypoints in between that change every year.  At its heart it's a trail race, but there is no one way to run or bike or canoe or hot air balloon TUCARD.   The race reveals itself over the year prior to race day, with new rules adding wrinkles to the planning.  The start and end points come first, the waypoint locations will be announced just before race day, and the final twist—the super secret sparkle pony rule—is designed to throw your strategy out the window.

And no matter what, your registration benefits the Orono Land Trust and helps keep public access to private lands—a Maine cultural tradition—alive and well. So, get ready to get TUCARD!!!

Some routes taken by racers during last year's race

Previous TUCARD challenges & solutions

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