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Oronocket Virtual Marathon & Half

The Millinocket Marathon and Half, originally slated for December the 5th, is yet one among the countless race-event casualties of 2020.  To continue to support our neighbor to the north, we are coordinating (in the loosest sense of the word) a virtual, socially distanced, Maine-CDC-guideline-compliant, Oxford-comma-loving, and otherwise conformant to your own personal sense of right and wrong, race to benefit the Millinocket Region.  It's the Millinocket Marathon and Half 2020, Orono Edition, AKA: The Oronocket

The Deets

The Reason:
In the spirit of the Millinocket Marathon and Half, where, as we all know, you give more than what you get, we strongly encourage you to give some dollars to the various causes dedicated to benefiting the Millinocket region, which can be found at the head of the actual official race website (thanks to Crow Athletics for continuing this great event each year).

The When:

The MMaH was slated for December the 5th, so we encourage you to run the course sometime on the 5th. Or the weekend of the 5th.  Or any other time, really, that is convenient to you. But don’t run it in May when the weather gets nice again. That would be lame.

The Course:

Otherwise known as the “Three Bridges, Three Breweries” route, the course will cross the three bridges spanning the Stillwater Branch of the Penobscot River, with an out and back loop, for good measure, that passes the Orono, Marsh Island, and Black Bear Brewing Companies. The start and end points are up to your discretion.  Your goal is to log your distance conforming to the overall course, which may or may not work out to an exact 13.1094 miles.  If you Strava, here is a link to the route.  Erik Blomberg (whose brainchild this largely is, with some shout-outs to Adam Daigneault) also wrote up some turn by turn directions for those who eschew snappy apps.

You might be asking yourself “what if I want to make this a Marathon instead of a Half?”  Well you are in luck!  In keeping with Millinocket Marathon and Half tradition, if you’d like to stretch your legs for a full 26.2 (ish) miles, we suggest you simply hike up your socks at mile 13.1 and continue for a second lap.  Our only stipulation is that you shed at least 1 or 2 small tears when you cross what would have been your half marathon finish line, with the knowledge that your more sensible friends will be enjoying the next two-ish hours enjoying cold brews and the baseboard heat of their 2020, Covid-appropriate surrogates for the Blue Ox Saloon.

The Logistics:
There are none.  There will be no Fireball shots at mile 5, or at mile 10, no cookies at mile 12.5.  The only T-Rex costumes will be those that you bring.  Do this on your own, conform to all standards for physical distancing and safe practice, and post your run (titled "Oronocket") to Strava for accolades from your peers.

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