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At the watering hole

The legendary TUCARD SPARKLE PONY bends time and space to her will—sometimes to the racer’s benefit, and sometimes, most assuredly not.  Across her infinite travels she has punched holes through the fabric of reality for her own devices, forming a network of tunnels outside of our world.  These pathways, while they tend to cause large low pressure areas that attract tropical depressions, may also work to your advantage, if you brave them.

There are four entrances to the tunnels through space and time.  Each begins at a water tower.  Once there, you can be transported instantly to any other entrance of your choice.  To use the pony’s labyrinth, follow regular TUCARD rules to navigate to a water tower.  Mark the time when you touch the tower, or the fence around it, as the start of a new, timeless segment.  You are now inside the labyrinth, and while you navigate to any of the four towers, you are outside the laws of physics, reality, and TUCARD.  You add nothing to your final race time, and NONE of the TUCARD rules apply to you.  You could take a nap, eat a sandwich, drive a car, and nothing will impact your race score until you touch your exit tower, start a new segment, and resume the regular TUCARD rules. 


Beware, however, for while the powers of the pony are infinite, her gifts are not.  Human bodies cannot withstand the dangers of the pony paths for long.  You can only survive two, one-way trips before certain death.  And even then, you cannot spend more than 90 minutes of cumulative time across all your travels within the labyrinth before you are shredded into stardust.

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The Course

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