​a Fundraiser in Support of Public Lands & Maine’s Private Land Ethic

& a cross-country race that thrives on being a pain in your @$$


9am, Saturday, September 25th, 2021




TUCARD has no defined course.  Just a start, an end, and some waypoints you hit following your own plan.  At its heart it's a trail race, but there is no one way to run or bike or canoe or hot air balloon the TUCARD.  Play the video to see some of the routes taken by racers from the inaugural year. 

The race reveals itself over the year prior to race day, with new rules adding wrinkles to the planning.  The start and end points come first, the waypoint locations will be announced just before race day, and the final twist—the super secret sparkle pony rule—is announced just when you think you have things figured out.

And no matter what, your registration benefits a local land trust and helps keep public access to private lands—a Maine cultural tradition—alive and well. So, get ready to get TUCARD!!!



It's TUCARD.  The Devil's in the details.

TUCARD2020 Tracks.png

Previous TUCARDs